Next Level OR The Same Again?

Take it easy guys,even if u need to repeat or study the same book again..It’s not the END of the world..

You all did a great job..I swear 🙂

Over 60%..You are absolutely going to join the next level..Thank You!

Amany and Amr’s Groups..

Maram Ahmed                                                                                           83%

Asmaa Kholif                                                                                             78%

Omnia El-sayed                                                                                          71%

Nada El-gendy                                                                                            74%

Aya Nosir                                                                                                    83%

Amir Hamdy Kattaya                                                                                  59%

Heba Amr                                                                                                     98%

Amr El-gendy                                                                                               98%

Heba Magdy                                                                                                 52%

Reham El-shawy                                                                                           61%

Iman El-shawy                                                                                              79%

Esraa El-shawy                                                                                              42%

Reem Raslan                                                                                                  42%

Mona Shogaa                                                                                                  60%

Ahmed Shehata                                                                                               82%

Asaad Kholif                                                                                                    77%

Sabreen Rashed                                                                                                93%

Bahia Shehata                                                                                                  94%

Aya Muhammaden                                                                                          85%

Amira El-zelaky                                                                                              72%

Aya Hamdy kattaya                                                                                         86%

Mayar Fayed                                                                                                    77%

Iman Muhammaden                                                                                        87%

Wesal El-sherbeny                                                                                          68%

Hussien El-gendy                                                                                            97%

Ibrahim Khalifa                                                                                               95%

Zeyad Raslan                                                                                                   70%

Miriam Hosni                                                                                                   82%

Amany El-shety                                                                                              97%

Muhammad No’man                                                                                       91%

Khaled El-shrabasy                                                                                         93%

Mohannad Na’em                                                                                            78%

Muhammad Na’em                                                                                          91%

Alaa El-shawy                                                                                                 86%

Ahmed Fathi                                                                                                    70%

Islam Magdy                                                                                                    83%

Nour Kamel                                                                                                     82%

Sara Kamel                                                                                                      90%

Ibrahim El-ghareb                                                                                           83%

Kholoud Hegazy                                                                                              58%

Ahmed Ashraf                                                                                                  66%

.Many thanks Hamouzty 🙂 without you this job could have been finished in 2014:) Thank u again my friend

Next Level OR The Same Again?

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