Hi dear visitor This is Mohamed Ali Khalaf‘s blog..And you are so welcome to enjoy it..

This blog was created for many reasons,I’ll try to narrow them as much as I can.. * I’m (was) a Tourist Guide,so I’ve many friends all over the world I’d like to keep in touch with and mostly they feel likewise..some of them are on Facebook,some aren’t.. * I used to write short stories,some of them were published in newspapers.Also being a Tourist Guide in a country like Egypt pushed me to convert my tours into a written material, in other words I wrote “my tours“/experience with tourists and Egyptians..I found this site much safer than facebook to keep my writings after my worst shock in 2010 when facebook has archived my loveliest group with all my writings and friends’ writings. * After Jan 25th 2011 great revolution/mess/conspiracy in Egypt,tourism sector went rapidly down,so I had to find something else to do beside my rare tours..I did a course in methodology(How to teach English language) in 2011. This course enabled me to work as an English Language instructor in private training centers in my hometown, Damietta..In 2015, I traveled to Istanbul and did the CELTA course in the international training institute, ITI.  It makes me truly happy to help my students and all English learners develop their English,so I’m going to post whatever I find useful for them on this site.. Briefly,this site is for my fans,my friends(tourists,students,readers) and for me..as I really wanna quit facebook forever.. *—————*————–*————–*—————*————-*—————*————* Here are some of my favorite quotes to help you understand me quicker.. “By seeing the seed of failure in every success, we remain humble. By seeing the seed of success in every failure we remain hopeful.” “Whether you think you can or think you can’t,either way you are right

تذهب مشقة الطاعة ويبقى ثوابها..وتذهب لذة المعصية ويبقى عقابها


17 thoughts on “Home

  1. Stella Plant says:

    I hope you are keeping well and so pleased that you have found work as an English teacher, my one hope is that Toms expressions have not been passed o to your students x Stella

    1. Thank you Stella for passing by 🙂
      We’re all fine..I voted yesterday for the first time in my life in presidential election!
      Toms expressions were very nice dear..
      Why don’t you help me with this site? We can add a section for native speakers like u to enhance it by adding sayings,expressions..etc.
      What do u think?

  2. Elmira Murat says:

    Hi.I’m so happy to watch online your presentation about the 5 pillars of Islam .Although we are no longer colleagues, I want to wish you GOOD LUCK in everything you do and MAY ALLAH MAKE ALL YOUR DREAMS COME TRUE!You are a very special person, teacher and thinker.Lots of regards from Elmira Murat (Romania)

  3. Bruce and Jean Eagan says:

    Mohammed, Thanks for a great 2 days in Alexandria and Cairo.You made our trip very special. My camera card worked great.Be assured when we’re back that way we’ll look you up for another great adventure. Thanks again. Bruce and Jean Eagan (Princess Crown-Oct 27-Nov 7)

  4. Really I’m so proud of you .. And so happy to see on of my dear family as a successful man .. I wish your dreams come true and make a great progress in your route.

  5. Hello, Mohammed, hope this finds you and your family well. Once again our thoughts are with Egypt and the sad events currently unfolding. We think, too, of the time we spent there with the “Canadian Heroes” a couple of years ago, and the introduction you gave us to your wonderful country. Stay safe.

    1. Hello Mr.Rothenburger..
      I’m happy to hear from you sir..thx for asking about me..I still remember my trip with you as if it was yesterday..
      fantastic days and unforgettable talks 🙂
      I really miss you …
      Yes,Egypt is bleeding nowadays..I blame the Muslim Brotherhood for this..
      When they had the power they used it unwisely..they never listened to us..they just applied their stupid system and thought that we will swallow whatever they sell us!!! They fought against all..they didn’t bother losing even their closest allies “the salafis”..they were a real failure and complete arrogance..
      Anyway..thank you for your warm comment..say hi to the Mrs..

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